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  • 136g frame weight
  • 250mm, 6" prop max
  • Symmetrical design (177mm front to back and side to side)
  • Integrated tilting camera mount
  • Angled RX and VTX antenna mounts
  • PDB with Pololu and OSD integration
  • Easy access to VTX for channel changes
  • Battery landing skid to protect your flight pack


The Apogee is the culmination of over a year's worth of research and development on what was our second quadcopter design. It was drawn before X frames were all the rage, yet was still made to be symmetrical front to back and side to side. We wanted a machine with a sleek, low profile for minimal drag, but one that could house all of the necessary gear comfortably. And of course, it had to look badass.

To achieve it's slim profile, we realized quickly that a PDB would need to be integrated into the design to allow a shorter stack, and keep the wiring tidy. Besides the usual battery pads and ESC pads, the PDB includes spots for a 5V and 12V Pololu, as well one for a Micro MinimOSD. The connection of the MimimOSD to your flight controller can easily be turned off through use of a simple micro switch for programming purposes.

The PETG printed spacer featured on the Apogee not only adds to the look, it helps it retain torsional rigidity. Additionally, it acts as a mounting point for the integrated camera mount which allows up to 45° of tilt. Aluminum standoffs are pressed in to the spacer, allowing either the top or bottom plate to be removed with 8 screws.

With the Apogee, we realized that no one is going to buy one and just hover. It was made to go fast. So we designed a 45° degree TPU VTX antenna mount that ensures that your antenna will pointed up for best signal while in fast forward flight. Angled TPU receiver antenna mounts mimic this as well. Also included is a TPU battery landing skid, to protect your flight pack and give you a stable base for landing.