HMB-235 V2

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HMB-235 V2
  • Aluminum standoffs
  • Internal pocketing for reduced weight
  • Pocketed motors allow for standard motor screws
  • Cut-out on top plate for camera angle
  • XT-60 mounting on bulkhead
  • Refined COG

While the HMB-235 V2 retains much of the character of the original, we have refined and simplified the design, reducing the weight and increasing the functionality. One of the most popular mods we saw to the 235 was a cutout in the top plate for increased camera angle, so we incorporated a relief as well as strengthening the top plate in areas that we had seen break.

Along with increased camera angles, we have noticed a trend towards smaller board cameras such as the HS1177. We have decided to remove the standard plate camera mount and replace it with holes that work with our Universal FPV Camera Mount as well as many other case cameras. Our camera mount is available as an option with the kit for half of the normal selling price.

The main plate has both internal pockets to reduce weight, and motor pockets to allow for standard length motor screws. The center of gravity has been shifted slightly forward to allow for better balance. Curves have replaced corners to increase durability.

Thank you to all who gave us feedback on the original HMB-235, we look forward to hearing your input on this new revision!


Warranty Information:

Applies only to main frame and top plate.

If it is unable to fly due to broken main plate or the top plate please email photos of the broken frame to

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  • 5
    Great frame and an excellent company

    Posted by Allen H on Jul 1st 2016

    Bought mine used missing the antenna mount plate. I called to purchase a replacement and they insisted on just sending me one. These guys will all of my business that I can send their way.

  • 5

    Posted by Justin R. on Jun 4th 2016

    I started flying multirotors FPV with an HMB235 and keep 2 flight ready still. Could not have found a better frame to get started with. Incredibly durable, well thought out for building and great service from the people at Multi RC. I would recommend this frame to anyone looking for a sturdy platform to learn the ropes of FPV or anyone looking to put a multirotor through Hell. Great frame!!!!!!!!!​

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    Above average frame

    Posted by Cobra7FAC on May 24th 2016

    Pro: Battery is kept inside and helps protect it. Frame seems very strong. Warranty! Great to learn acro on. No fears of breaking everything. Protected motors. Comes with nylon standoffs for fc and lots of zip ties. I know it's not expensive but it's small things I like. Con: Tattu 4S 1550mAh battery only fits with scraping, use smaller batteries. Very little room inside, if this is a starter I suggest a parts layout. Vtx antenna solution needs thought out. You either need the antenna st 90 degrees straight behind it or have a unsupported connection that will break if crashed at certain angles. No landing gear in the newest version, I'm landing on the battery pigtail. Overall this isn't the ultimate starter frame, but it's the closest.

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    Excellent Quality, thought in design, Truly One-of-a-kind

    Posted by Cecil Lebowitz on Apr 18th 2016

    What can I say my expectations were blown away! Better than imagined, clean build, & bullet proof! Simple yet complex in design, everything has been thought out, great layout great design offers a clean build and a light, high performing machine. Plan to use as main racing frame this season! Thanks again guys!!

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    Great Product

    Posted by Carlo on Mar 9th 2016

    Was advised by one of the best local racers to purchase this frame for my first time build of a high quality and speed racing drone. He has won several races with this frame and it is completely indestructible. I have been flying it everyday for the last few weeks and love it. Very Solid Product, Thank You MULTIRC!!!!!

  • 5
    No fear of crashing

    Posted by Noah on Dec 22nd 2015

    I'm sure that there are lighter frames out there better suited to all out balls fast racing but this thing is plenty fast and allows you to fly without fear of crashing. I've pounded this thing in at least 50 times now and the only damaged I had (other than scratches) is broken props. (Dal props save money there to). Today I clipped a post full speed with one of the arms. the quad cartwheeled at least 50ft. It hit so hard the battery flung out and I had to go looking for it. Swapped one prop and was back flying in less than 5 minutes. Best part when it happened I was just laughing because I knew the damage would be minor. Great company, even sent a Christmas card. I'm gonna get a 180 next.

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    I love this frame, No seriously, have I told you I really love this frame?

    Posted by IFLYHIGH:) on Nov 15th 2015


  • 5
    Completely Indestructible!!!

    Posted by KUQuad on Oct 8th 2015

    This frame is amazing! Plenty of room inside for electronics and whatever size battery, plus space on top for FPV transmitter and whatever else you're packing. Their claim that this frame is indestructible is true! I've flown it straight into the ground from about 200 feet, and the only thing I had to do was bend a propeller back, and pull the grass and dirt out of it. I would recommend this frame to anyone. Running specs:

    2300kv motor 5" DAL props

    Naze32 Acro
    600mw transmitter

    Turnigy 2200mah battery (ya, it fits)

  • 5
    Very tough frame. Extremely happy

    Posted by Ben on Oct 3rd 2015

    I wish this had been the first frame I got. I flew hobbyking fpv250 and flexybee before and break them very often. I crashed HMB235 very hard and it hold up perfectly. Bent some screws that's holding the standoff but that's about it. This kind of crashes would definitely destroyet fpv250 or flexybee. Today I managed to hit a tree and break the G10 top plate. Contacted Shawn about the lifetime warranty and they are working on it. I doubt that any kind of crash from flying will break the main frame made out of HDPE. Extremely satisfied with the product. Toughest frame I've ever have.