HMB-X Clintstone Mod

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HMB-X Clintstone Mod

This mod to the HMB-X originated with one of our friends, who goes by Clintstone online. He had the idea for mounting his FPV antenna at an angle, which stands it upright in fast forward flight. This maximizes reception and decreases the chance of your antenna catching on a gate or limb. So we drew up a 3D printed mount, which we produced using super-durable nylon filament.

After sending him a couple prototypes, Clintstone sent us a photo of his HMB-X5C with the back of the top plate cut out to allow for the antenna to slide all the way to the top. We liked the idea, so we decided to offer it on our site!

This package includes the modified top plate and nylon antenna mount. Both of these items are also available separately.