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  • 4mm carbon fiber main frame
  • Symmetrical, true X design
  • Swings 4" props
  • Integrated camera mounting

The HMB-X4C gives an option for more advanced pilots looking for an extremely stiff frame. We have replaced the HDPE main frame of the HMB-X4 with a 4mm carbon fiber plate. While not as durable as it's HDPE counterpart, the 4mm carbon will still take quite a beating.

Camera mounting is diversified, so as to not lock you into one specific setup. We include mounting bars for an HS1177 that captures the camera securely and allows for a wide degree of angles (up to 55°). There are also holes to allow for mounting a Diatone mini camera or using our Universal FPV Camera Mount.

The 35mm standoffs allow for mounting a small VTX such as an Aomway or Hawkeye vertically. Alternatively, you can use a short extension or a VTX with a short lead.

The frame is designed to allow for running your flight pack on top or on bottom of the frame. This allows for running an HD camera on top and balancing that out with your pack on bottom. The area in-between the strap slots on the bottom has been pocketed to allow for your PDB to sit immediately above it.

Being such small frames, with not much prop clearance, there is always the worry of your battery wires getting caught in your props, especially when running your flight pack up top. We have come up with a solution for that by including a TPU XT-60 holder that secures your male XT-60 to your velcro strap. This allows your wires to stay well clear of your props.