ZMR 6" Hulk Arms (Set of 4)

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ZMR 6" Hulk Arms (Set of 4)
  • Nearly indestructable
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Protect your motors

ZMR Smash. 

Tired of breaking your stock ZMR arms? How about injecting some of the proven HMB durability into your ZMR with these 6.35mm HDPE replacement arms. No matter how hard you crash, you won't be breaking these. Guaranteed.

These arms have a wide motor pad to protect your motors. Zip tie slots allow easy mounting of your ESCs to the arms. With these arms installed, you also now have a full quarter-inch of space to put gear between the frame plates.

You will need 14mm or longer screws for attaching these, and 8-10mm screws to mount your motors.